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Doctor Grisou

TZ music folders

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I am working on a mix for TZ.


Just out of curiosity: I noticed that around 10 music folders (normal game, lock it, powerball, etc.) are repeated. For example, there is folder 000003-normal game and folder  000050-normal game: they contain the same music file.

Why is that? Why duplicating the exact same thing with no apparent extra functionality?

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I assume this has to do with the game logic reverting to another folder in sequence even though its the same song. I have worked on several games with pinsound and this seems to be the same on all of them. If you want a specific background music track to not be interupted you can simply put the same audio tracks in these folders but the song will start over again. I've tried deleting these folders but then nothing will play after whatever mode interupted it ends. The only other solution is to delete the interupting tracks to let the song continue but that when it gets a little confussing. Just have to mess with it and make sure you save your work as you go along:)

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Im creating a soundtrack using long loops taken from funky, deep house, minimal and similar tracks.. Not famous artists, and nothing to do with the original tz soundtrack. I want it to be groovy and interesting, fresh, cohesive, but also not repetitive.


Personally I think its amazing to be able to switch different sountracks. Sometimes Im in the mood for the original or reorchestrations, but I also like the idea of totally new music (maybe sometimes just throwing in over the tracks some tz motifs).


Not a huge task like others attempted, but definitely not a quick and easy one too. It will take several weeks for sure (just working on it one hour at night, when I have time/feel like).

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