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Create Original Sound Track (OST) mix

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To create a PinSound compatible mix based on the movie:

  1. Download the pinball_LEGACY mix of your pinball in the Downloads section
  2. Extract the pinball_LEGACY mix and copy it to a folder named pinball_OST
  3. Get the Original Sound Track (OST) of the movie (rip, torrent, etc...)
  4. Download the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series or likewise
  5. In the pinball_OST/music folder, replace any music you like with the OST wav files
  6. in the pinball_OST/SFX folder, replace any SFX using Pictures Sound Effects Series
  7. Convert the pinball_OST folder to wav
  8. Download the PinSound Studio
  9. Start the PinSound Studio and listen with either pinball_LEGACY and pinball_OST mix
  10. Goto 3 or 4 until you get good result

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