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Bally 6803 Support Request

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Hello all,


What a great idea this board is.  I sent an email to PinSound asking if there would be future support for the 1985-1989 Bally 6803 series Pins.  Specifically, I'm hoping for Dungeons and Dragons support.


Nicolas said PinSound may expand compatibility with other sound boards, and to keep checking in.  This is my little post to show support for the 6803s.


Swemmer Electronics has recently created a revised "Primo" MPU board:



He mentions he might create a replacement sound board as well.  Of course, it would not aim to be as robust as the PinSound board customization wise.


Still, some potentially good news for us 6803 owners.

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I also have a 6803 based game. Truck Stop.

From what I read on pinrepair.com all 6803 machines use a system 11 sound board that has an interface board between it and the 6803 mpu board.

So anyway add me to the list of 6803 users.  For the life of me I wish i could just copy the sounds from the exiting rom into the pinsound plus board.

Surprising no one has a way to do this. I would pay dearly if someone offered this service!



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