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Sound not amazing so far on Whitewater

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Just got a Pinsound plus in the mail today.

First attempt at loading sound just had the automated lady saying "Converting sound" over and over with no percentages.

Then after a long while she said "Testing sounds". And then nothing. No finished or you can play now, so I sheepishly pressed the start button and my game just went crazy, kicking two balls in the shooter lane, playing some sounds and callouts and cutting the flippers on and off for no reason. This can't be right, so I powered it off and back on. This time I get the automated voice saying "Converting sound 10% and so on all the way up to 100%. Then the "Testing sound files" message and please wait. Finally it plays a little tune that I have now figured out is the "I'm finished" message.

Great, now my game again plays perfectly and all the callouts are in the correct place. (Well almost).  However here is my issue. The sound quality is not great. I miss my old sound card already. I know I have got to be missing something with all these pot switch knob settings. I spent about 45 min. just trying to get the game to sound as good as it did with the original card, and while it is now sounding ok, I am in no way in love with it yet. Sometimes the peoples voices sound like they are under water and the audio level differences in some of the music is crazy bad. Some music is soft while other music will blow your ears out.

I am not ready to throw in the towel after one day of course, so any help is appreciated.

Messed with it a bit more with my son today. Still can't make the callouts sound a good as they do on the standard sound card. :(

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There might be a new mix for this in the pipeline so fingers crossed the guy can finish it otherwise you would be better off getting an original soundboard if you are not happy.

I have Whitewater and will not put this board in until a decent sound file has been made.

good luck.

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Yes. I have now learned what Pinsound is good at and what it is not so good at.

oh well it was a fun experiment. Board is already sold and off to someone who can use it for new orchestration sounds.

i sure wish someone would reproduce the original Bally/Williams sound boards.

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Yes. We downloaded your sound package.

The sound quality was indeed amazing. Nice work.

now I must say the voices were not our favorite but we certainly appreciated all the hard work that went into putting that together. This is what Pinsound is all about.

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