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GnR - Pinsound Plus - Flashers

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Hi everybody (hi dr Nick!)

This is my first time posting here after installing a pinsound plus board in my Gnr, using Julien42's mix. 

So far, I am speechless about the result: it exceeds what I expected !

There was something peculiar on my first playthrough though : not only did the music change (well, duh!), but also the GI "effects"' on a few mods. Which is weird for me, because I did not know that the GI/flashers were "driven" by the sound board.

This is pretty obvious during the Duff Rocks mode: the GI behind the backbox, as well as the "jackpot" flasher of the R ramp, are "pulsating" at the same frequency as the "duff" lamp.

Is there something I am missing ? Could it be a circumstantial issue that has nothing to do with the pinsound board ?


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I just installed Pinsound+ in my GNR and have the exact same flasher issue.  Anyone have any ideas?  I ordered a Data East power booster, but have no idea if that will fix it or not.  

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