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suddenly break off music and sound - hot usb?

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Indiana Jones-Williams
According to previous owner with USB stick supplied directly from PS with software.
According to the previous owner, this problem did not exist with him. Accordingly, this would have arisen during transport.

Problem - Wait in Attrac mode or play, by time factor regularly reproducible, complete crash of sound and music.
Sound and music are only reactivated with a new start of the flipper. Once gone, sound & music will not come back by itself.

The then following crash again, will not be as long as the first time, wait.

All the broadband cables in the pin, except the cable on the PS board, have been replaced to limit the error. All plugs removed several times and checked intensively.
Various S & M versions on the stick available and changed to the test. No difference.

From the feeling I would type in a heat problem.

In the warm outside temperatures at the time and at the pinball site, regularly crash in the game between about 20 to 60 minutes. In attractc mode, it usually takes longer. Up to 2.5 to> 3 hours. But it always ends, if I spend the time, with a crash of sound and music. Just have to wait for that.
When it was cool from the outside temperatures in between and when I play with open backbox, it takes in the game then between 1 to 1.5 hours. Significantly longer than the now hot outside temperatures or closed backbox.

Furthermore, I have, because I first want to edit anything s.der boards / plugs, according to instructions, trying to reinstall on a new USB flash drive, the here offered zipped software.
Of several (determined 8 -9) attempts with different (reformatted) USB sticks, only 2 attempts have reached 100%. The unpacking took more than about 1.5 to 2 hours. But still no sound and music. And yes, I have turned up the volume.

For the rest of the experiments, either Sound & Music crashed completely again or after more than 4 hours and then only 40-50% I stopped the installation.

Question: Is an installation time of> 1.5 hours normal?
Question: Do I need a special USB stick for the new installation?
Question: Apart from the corresponding, zipped file here on the website I do not need to copy any more files to the stick?

Further observation: According to my measuring device, the USB will warm to around +/- 50 ° C.
Question: Is this normal?

Question: Do you have a meaningful approach on how to proceed?

Thanks greetings


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