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Data East TFTC only boot sound.

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So I just installed my gen 1 board in my TFTC and I'm only getting the boot sound.

I tried flashing the sound pack using both the pinsound studio app and just copying the .zip file to the root of a freshly fat32 formated usb stick.

With the zip on the usb stick it installed as normal, announcing 10%, 20%..... and so on.

If I turn the volume all the way down inside the cabbinet I get the little chime and it plays a snipped of the sound pack but that's it, no other sounds.

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I just read at least 4 threads with the exact same problem as me, most of them have not received any support from PinSound staff.

The once that did get a comment from PinSound staff only said to check the ribbon cable, shit support if you ask me.

I'm not holding my breath to get any help, sad really, considering that I was one of the early backers for this product.

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