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Anyone want to make an enhanced Judge Dredd mix?

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Hi there everyone, 


I've been loving the 2 community mixes for Judge Dredd so much that I made my own! Problem is, like the others, its mostly just changes to the music. Does anyone have the skills to do an enhanced Jude Dredd mix with HD Voices and SFX? For me that would be a dream come true and it would really make the most out of my Pinsound board and Pinsound speakers. 


Anyone interested?

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It's really not that hard to do. But it takes a LOT of time. 

I have made two custom sound designs, one for BSD and one MSF. On both I have found a ton of sfx on YouTube, and with audacity audio editor freeware you can easily record, edit and combine sounds, add some delay/revert etc to make it even more interesting. 

For dialogue you can extract the dialogue channel from the DVD or Blu-ray either with software or connect a recording device to the analogue output of your DVD/Blu-ray or even a pre-out on your home theater receiver.

You can PM me for details 


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