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No Sound File Found

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Hello all!

I received my PinSound+ system today and after installing the board into my Jurassic Park I have it booting up with the green LED on the board’s status lighting.

However I have two questions. First, after downloading the Jurassic Park reorchestration from the Pinsound site and placing the .zip file into my reformatted (exFAT 32) 8 GB flash, the PinSound+ board says there is no sound file on the flash drive. I read through the PinSound FAQ, and searched online, but I saw no solution. As such, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. In case it’s necessary, there was no included flash drive in my package from PinSound.

Second, I found that if I install the Data East power booster to my PinSound board in my Jurassic Park pinball machine, the PinSound board fails by having a red LED fir its status. Is this supposed to happen? 

Thank you for your time and help everyone!

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I tried FAT initially and read a post that someone had changed to exFAT and that worked for them. So far no success either way...

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Hello again!


  If the zip file is supposed to be on the drive, do I have it on the flash drive along with another folder that contains the  unzipped audio mix? Which file(s) do I specifically put into the audio folder?


  Thanks again!

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I am not sure why this worked, yet I had to do the following on my Data East Jurassic Park:


1). Format my flash drive to FAT32 and the set up two partitions, naming them I: and J: drives, respectively, on my Sandisk 60 GB flash drive.


2). To the I: drive, I place the zip files to the root drive on my flash.


3).  To the J: drive on my flash drive, I made a folder named “audio” and placed the unzipped files in it with the file named “config.pinsound” in the root of the flash (i.e. not in the “audio” folder).


4).  Next I put the flash drive into the PinSound+ board’s USB and powered the game on. I then allowed the pinball machine to download the files to the board automatically.


5).  Once the installation made the “harpsichord” sound indicating the file transfer process was complete, I powered down the pinball machine.


6).  Once the Jurassic Park pin was powered back on it went into its normal start-up sequence and I was then able to play a game with the incredible new sounds from the PinSound system!  😊


  I am still unsure why installing the Data East Power Booster still causes an issue, though...

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I have the same issue. My USB came with my Pinsound+


Loaded it up. It had 5 files on it, original and 4 Mr T files..

It can only see The techo and Original mix (but the original mix call outs are cut off (when I play them stand alone).

If I put Baby Driver stand alone on the USB, it doesnt find it and I get the "there are no sound files on the USB drive"

Unzipped files - into the audio directory

Transferring from Mac onto the supplied Sandisk, FAT32 format, havent changed that.

Wondering if I am missing something obv..

Diagnostic shows Techno and original, but doesnt show baby driver, even though its on the stick. 


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I am very frustrated at this too.

After audio conversion, I get "NO AUDIO FILES FOUND" message

I browse the USB after pinsound unzip them. I see original sound package is gone and now new files populate correctly


When I look into the folder I do not see any sound files. I do see all folder and subfolders.

I try now Three fucking USB drives!!

Different types.


After messing around with each one, My PC tells me there is issues with the USB and do I want to scan and repair?

So, now what??


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