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Frankenstein new sound design

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Been working on my Frankenstein pinsound mix. Man, this is time consuming, we are talking days and days of work! Replaced most of the sound effects, quotes, voices and music with the originals from the movie. Robert De Niro is now the main monster scream source!

Now, the sega/data east games really lack the ammount of soundtriggers that for instance my williams BSD has, so therefore I had to figure out how to implement more sounds and call outs, and background efffects.

Like in the STONING mode, there is now an angry mob taunting and screaming at the monster during the mode.

And in LYNCH JUSTINE mode you can hear the angry mob, original music and Justine screaming for her life.

NORTH POLE mode has wind and footsteps in the snow.

HIGH VOLTAGE mode has som "hurry up" voice fx, and yells at you to shoot the ramp.

The flipper lanes now have a more "fire fx" to them, since the artwork kind of asks for it, having Elisabeth in flames...

And we have more Elisabeth voicecalls now, even the Monster calling her.

Changing mode now has a much more distinct sound, making it a more obvious MODE CHANGE

The monster now screams before throwing the ball at you (with throw FX)

And so on... Did not manage to get the new ball saver sound and Geneva voice fx in the video...

Things like this makes the game much more involving, and to me ads a lot.

My goal is to give the game a movie like feel, and to have the sound drag you into the gameplay with really dynamic and suitable efffects and music.



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Not only yours,  but all download files above 500 MB on this site.

Edit: Found a solution, now using firefox with the downthemall extension. It all works fine now!

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