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Can not create psrec file. Unsupported pinball sound system

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I am new here and this looks like it would be a great addition to my Apollo 13 pinball since I cannot stand the sounds in the game.  I have spent the weekend finding bits and pieces of information on how I can change the sounds.  There is a basic sound package called "Original Sounds". I download it and see that all of the folders have "Unknown" in the name.  I am hoping I can rename those to something that makes more sense.

I also downloaded the PinSound Studio and see that in order to use the "Advanced Studio" function, I need a .psrec file.  I installed the vPinMame.dll, and started the PinSound Studio, clicked on the 'Visual Pinball' Tab, highlighted the apollo13 rom.  It says it is waiting for connection, but when I run the table, it says "Unsupported pinball sound system: BSMT". I see others are on the forum are having this issue too, and suggest to use an older version of PinSound Studio. However, all of the supplied links are dead.

At this point, it looks like I am at a roadblock with regards to Apollo 13.
Am I missing something? Has support for this been removed?  Does anyone else have a good .psrec file I can use?

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It is the same with my Frankenstein, I can not run visual pinball with bsm sound system. 

Those sounds from that time with data east/sega are just horrible. Especially the music.. However, I am almost done with my remix and the game has gone from annoying to really fantastic,! Love the gameplay now, everything is starting to sound right, pulling you into the gameplay!

So, your Apollo 13 is supported with the pinsound board, but not with visual pinball. 

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