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T2_OST_V1_2_FW90.zip 1.2.0

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I think there is not this problem of background music in this release. I advise you to erase the files on your USB key and unzip the mix one more time. Try again and enjoy !

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I just installed this version and am finding that Arnold's voice call are much too low.
Anyway, is there a way to make voice calls louder or properly balanced ... the music seems to play fine.
Most sound effect play but seem to vary in volume too.

Can this be due to a firmware version issue?
I did the steps for updating to version 00090 by putting the update file on the root.
   BUT I CANNOT TELL if it updated or was already updated.

Thanks. - Paul

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Hello Paul !

The firmware update 0090 is compulsory so that the OST v1.2 works well.

It is actually necessary to put the file pinsound-update-0090.psrom in the root of the USB key, but another key with only this file above!
After put on the pinball machine, he says that it updates, then says "please restart the pinball machine now".
Then you shut down the pinball machine, and you remove the key of the update, and you put back the key with mixs above.

You risk nothing anyway to redo an update, even if the card is already up to date.
Normally the mix works well, I had very good returns.

See you ;)

Salut Paul !

La mise à jour firmware 0090 est obligatoire pour que le OST v1.2 fonctionne bien.

Il faut effectivement mettre le fichier pinsound-update-0090.psrom à la racine de la clé USB, mais d'une autre clé avec uniquement ce fichier dessus!
Après allumage du flipper, il dit qu'il se met à jour, puis dit "please restart the pinball machine now".
Ensuite tu éteinds le flipper, et tu enlèves la clé de la mise à jour, et tu remets la clé avec les mixs dessus.

Tu ne risques rien de toute façon à refaire une mise à jour, même si la carte y est déjà.
Normalement le mix fonctionne bien, j'ai eu de très bons retours.

A+ ;)

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