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Rollergames - tangled tracks and hiccups

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Hello, I installed the PinSound board a couple months ago and have been a little disappointed with some of the audio for my Rollergames.  It works overall but there are a few stubborn spots where it either cuts off the file, doesn't initiate the next file, or outright plays the wrong file.  This is all compared to the factory sound board.  Here are some specifics;


1)  About 20% of the time the machine will not switch from 000001-ball_launch into 000003-main_theme after the plunge.  If you hit something to interrupt the ball launch music (like a lock or roller motion) it will correct itself to main theme.  


2)  It never plays the Roller Motion clip properly (000204_mystery_award_tune).  Sometime it doesn't play at all, sometimes it is cut off after a split second, sometimes it plays about half of the file.


3) At the end of the ball, it rarely plays the bonus count down jingle or sometimes plays a partial file (000213-bonus_count or 000215-bonus_count_long) and sometimes it plays 000078-jingle_pre_wait  (multiball ready music) when it shouldn't.  


I can make a video showing the malfunctions if it helps.  I have swapped ribbon cables just to eliminate that and redownloaded and recopied the files to USB to double check that.  Thanks for any advice!  Dan

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