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This is my first post on the cummunity, and I look forward to being a future contributor.  I have made some real fun mixes with Pinball Browser for my X-Men machine.  I have also used "The Who" mix from this community on my Tommy, and liked it so much, that I am now inspired to make a mix for my Indianapolis 500 machine.


I have a major hurdle in doing this though:


-  The Legacy File for Indianapolis 500 (from the Pinsound site) doesn't seem to work properly.  Most of the Sound effects and callouts seem to work fine, however the music has a lot of issues.


Here are some of the problems I have noticed:


- The "000001-ball launch" folder music plays fine when I hit the start button. Then after ball launch the music is supposed to switch to the main play music.  It does not.  I can play a whole ball listening to only the "000001-ball launch" track.


- Many of the modes (Wrong Turn, Dueling Drivers, Pit Stop lock, Pit Stop Multi-ball, etc ...) have their own music.  They are even in the Music Folder of the Legacy file.  However, NONE of them are triggered to start when I start those modes.  Instead, the music that was playing before I start the mode keeps playing.


- Some modes do work:  "000014-turbo_multiball" works when it is supposed to.  "000017-background_of_change_setup_2" works at the proper time.


- Some Modes seem to mislabelled:  The "000012-dueling_drivers" folder seems to play during the After game outro music.  Also, the  "000013-background_of_change_setup"  seems to play during a ball lock. (Not during the change setup feature).


- The "000262-motor_loop" is a continuous hum of an F1 engine, and is the only sound that is played during the Video Mode.  The game music should continue playing during this mode too.


- When the ball hits one of the top P-I-T switches ... the callout "multi-ball" happens.


*** So there are many errors in this legacy mix, and I want to make sure they all get worked out before I get into Mixing for the machine.  Is there some easy fix to this.  Can one missing or mislabelled folder be throwing a bunch of things off?  Are these just a series of many misplaced sounds that need to be sorted out somehow?  Does the Pinsound team work on fixing and updating these legacy files?


I have been blown away at the potential.  I put a substituted a few songs in to test, and it sounds AWESOME!


If I can get help with the Legacy file, and make sure everything is in the right place, I would love to share a mix (or a few) with the community.  I think the music in Indy 500 has always been a weak point. I can already see how much more of an adrenaline rush this machine will be with some exciting tunes.


All help will be greatly appreciated,


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Hi there,


Can you walk me through the steps for creating a psrec from my board.


- What do I have to put on my key?


Please be as detailed as possible.  I am a great problem solver, but I am not a programer.  I know I need to put something next to the audio folder on the root of the USB, but I am not clear on exactly what to write (or create), and how to do it.




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I'm trying to use a Pinsound 1 (firmware version 0090 (21 Apr. 2017)) with the Indianapolis_500_Original legacy file.

Everything seems to work for initializing it with a blank flash drive.  After saving the ZIP to the flash drive and booting the machine, the voice explains that the sound files are being configured, and the lovely music plays until it is done.

But then there are ZERO sounds when playing the game.  Looking at the flash drive, as well as the original zip file, all the sound file folder names have *huge* numbers as prefixes.   For example, "2156024337-ball_launch".

When I manually rename a couple of them using Hoser's examples above (e.g. "000001-ball_launch"), then those sounds work!

It seems like ALL the files in the Indianapolis_500_Original zip file have the wrong numbers as prefixes, and that is the only problem standing in the way of this working. 

Help!  :-) 

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So it looks like ver 0090 of the firmware doesn't rename all the zip files with large number prefixes to the typical 000001-name, 000002-name, etc.

I just flashed my PinSound 1 that was in a DE SW to ver. 0090, who's previous flash drive had the typical renamed files (e.g. "000004-STAR_WARS_THEME" and "000002-MAIN_TITLE"), and this time it unzipped and rebuilt the audio files keeping all the larger number prefixes on the files (e.g. "0461678832-STAR_WARS_THEME" and "2845985639-MAIN_TITLE").

But when I do this on an Indy 500 with Pinsound 1 with firmware ver. 0090, it keeps the larger number prefixes, but it is expecting the lower, renamed numbers.  So if I manually rename them to the lower numbers (000001-bla, 000002-bla, 000003-bla) they play.  If I don't, nothing.

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Has this been resolved?

I have a few pins with pinsound board and have not had any issues... Until it came to Indy 500. I'm having the exact same issue as the op, and actually there's a few of us who have installed a pinsound in Indianapolis, all being unable to get it working 100%. The audio files are mismatched, and some don't play when they're supposed to. I believe Ajnin forwarded the psrec file last year but nothing has been done yet. Indy 500 has a great audio track, and it's a shame pinsound is unusable with it. My last resort will be to go back to the original audio set up, which would be a shame really.

Just curious as to whether this will ever get resolved or not.

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