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Clipping & Mapping

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Two questions:


Does wav file size have any negatives? If I keep them smaller will it reduce clipping/interruptions during game play? If not what is the main cause of clipping?


Also - for GNR some of the mapping doesn't make sense on occasion. Having trouble getting unique music for Dizzy Ball and Gilby Rolls... when I put music in those folders no results... they both apparently sample wavs from the same folder. Is there a workaround?



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There should not be clipping, maybe a problem with the +12V(check it) or the usb disk.


Is your mix working perfectly with the pinsound studio ?


What are the numbers of the folder you are talking about ?


If you put correct wav file in the 000048 folder (shared for many missions), it works. Playing Randomly if there are many files.

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