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I havn't started yet, so nothing to hear, but I will do a complete Whiter Water reorchestration. The voice of Wet Willy will be Warren Davis who did the original voice back in the 90's. 

Stay tuned, I will post speechsamples as soon as I get them. 


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Hi all. Just finished my White Water restore. Having issues with the original mix. Plays ok then loses the sounds and keeps playing the boot file or silence.!

Have emailed support but I know they are busy and away alot but need to get this fixed asap if possible if anyone else can help!

I have done the following

Updated firmware

tried 3 different usb sticks

reloaded software 3 times.


Any help out there in pinsound land!!



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Hi All just an update. Still having issues as above with sound files not loading and boot repeating itself. If I quickly adjust volume one or two bars before it comes up with the tech difficulty fault it is good to go. Have contacted support again hoping for a fix. Have all 96 callouts redone in crisp stereo by a vocal actor old friend but cost me a bundle to get them doen.

Hoping to have issue resolved soon.

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