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  1. no sound

    Are you sure you're running with the latest firmware 0090?
  2. Jurassic Park??

    What's the problem with multiple sound packages? Nobody has reported an issue about it for the latest PinSound Studio... I can't fix it if I'm not aware of it.
  3. Missing original mixes

    J'ai remis en forme compl├Ętement le site pour mieux clarifier quels mix existent et o├╣ les trouver : https://www.pinsound.org/pinballs/
  4. Audio Lag T2

    You should try a USB3.0 flash drive, it should fix your lag issue.
  5. Nicolas, is there anyway we can assign an icon pic to the files we upload instead of that plain black square that shows up next to all the files?

  6. Diner_Sixties_by_PinHead.zip

  7. Star_Wars_OST_By_PinHead.zip

  8. DE Star Wars - no sound after installation complete

    As discussed by email, it was the volume potentiometer (the one next to the coin door) you had to turn to the right.
  9. Shaker support?

    A PinSound shaker kit will be available in the future, it will be fully plug'n play. Anyone interested will be able to finely tune any shaker event through the PinSound Studio software. Stay tuned!
  10. move files by right click in PSS

    Thanks for the update, good to know
  11. The Shadow OST

    Keep up the good work, thanks for The Shadow owners