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  1. The Addams Family

    Cette version je pense? Elle est chouette, est-ce qu'elle a été portée sur pinsound?....
  2. Upload problem

    ...and it's excellent! Thanks a lot for all the work.
  3. Upload problem

    Have to try this... later Xmas holiday soon, phew...
  4. TZ original musics (DCS from Chris Granner!)

    Sorry, on hold, too much work and other pin projects/rotation at the moment :-( Zombies, bats and klingons coming in, webs, bigfoot, bullets and crimes going out. Xmas time...
  5. TZ original musics (DCS from Chris Granner!)

    Initial splitting of the file done. It appears clearly that some looping work will have to be done on the music clips, most only include 8 or 16 bars then fade out. This will take some time....
  6. TZ original musics (DCS from Chris Granner!)

    That's a VERY good new for us TZ/pinsound owners. Now "some " job has to be done, first to cut and name/map all the pieces that are currently in one file.
  7. TZ reorchestrated mix

    FYI, I'm working on an edited TZ mix, the balance between music and sounds is not always optimal imho, and some jingles are too loud in actual gameplay like the piano for example. It will mainly be volume edits and I'll make a changelog.