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  1. Does anybody have an old version of pinsound studio

    Pinsound studio 0.9 is working fine with my DE mixes
  2. partage fichiers PSREC

    On peut se créer ses propres fichiers psrec avec visual pinball. You can create your own psrec files using visual pinball
  3. unsupported sound system BSMT

    What DE tables are you using ? as 0.9 Pinsound studio is working fine for me (Gnr, Tommy, TFTC, LAH)
  4. GNR OST By Julien42

    Working on it, available this week...
  5. GNR OST By Julien42

    You're welcome. The whole GnR pinball machine is a must have
  6. STARWARS_OST_1.0_Julien42.zip

  7. GNR_1.25-JULIEN42.zip

  8. Version


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  9. Having trouble uploading nex mix

    After choosing your zip file, you have to wait that it is fully uploaded to the site (check the progress status), then you can proceed.
  10. Loop problems GNR with GNR OST By Julien42

    1) Do you use the 1.40 mix ? Most important : Check where you must plug your ribbon cable and the correct way (red line on pin 1). I think you have plugged in an incorrect place. 2) WHen you power the machine you have to wait a few secs, before you can hear the sound/music effects when starting the game. Check your +12Vdc (with the test point) on the power supply bord. You need to have a good signal, more than 11V. 3)Have you installe dthe latest firmware on your pinsound board ?
  11. Star Wars background sound problem

  12. GNR Help Requested

    check the ribbon cable (with the red line in the correct place) check the volume pot (in the cab)
  13. The Shadow OST

  14. The_ShadowOST_1.2_Julien42.zip



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  15. GNR_1.40-JULIEN42

    Version 1.40


    new revision of my mix
  16. LAH_OST_1.50-JULIEN42

    Version 1.50


    for Last Action Hero with better sounds/music
  17. GNR OST By Julien42

    Impossible on this pinball table, because it is the way it's coded in the original cpu. (unless creating a new cpu file, with new calls out, as ChadH can do) the same music (many missions) is called (and shared) for some different missions like these you were talking about. It's not the same for every pinball machines.Datateast with TFTC, Tommy or LAH, every missions have got its own music.
  18. Clipping & Mapping

    If it's only in multiball, i'm sure it's a poor +12V. Check the big connector on the Power Board, and reflow the solders (cold solder joints).
  19. GNR OST By Julien42

    Exact : impossible for now, as it's the same folder. My last idea, was finally to put seven different waves parts, which rock, and which i like much.
  20. Clipping & Mapping

    There should not be clipping, maybe a problem with the +12V(check it) or the usb disk. Is your mix working perfectly with the pinsound studio ? What are the numbers of the folder you are talking about ? If you put correct wav file in the 000048 folder (shared for many missions), it works. Playing Randomly if there are many files.
  21. TFTC Metal Version By Julien42

    Yes. you can mix it by yourself (very easy) with all the files from my mix (except music) and the original one (music only).
  22. File for my GnR

    Paradise City already in the mix (must succeed 3 jackpot in multiball, for music change) You could be mine : i've added it in my new mix. still under construction i will publish it shortly.
  23. What zip file did you use ? tried with mine ? Can you make a video when turning on your pinball ? Are you sure the wires and ribbon are in the right place What is your USB audio folder looks like, post a pic ? Are you using a PC ?
  24. WAV or OGG?

    Yes, ogg used because of the size (for internet)