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  1. I recently purchased a Pinsound board and installed it into my Medieval Madness. I also installed the Pinsound AV ribbon set because my AV board is out for service and I swaped the board set out with a DMD 89 board with the Pinsound. After plugging all the cabling in, the Pinsound board flashes yellow on the running status LED light and the daughter board where the flash drive plugs into never lights the status green LED light. It stays off. I checked the cabling numerous times and it seems that all the power including the 5 volts is present. I also tested the fuses with a volt meter. I am also running a Color DMD which gets its power from the power driver board. Any help would be appreciated. Note : I am also using a RottenDog CPU and WPC 89 DMD board in the game. I heard that possibly the RottenDog CPU board's regulated and unregulated power may be an issue? I also just tested it with a WPC 95 CPU board and having the same issue. The board never boots. Lee