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  1. No Sound File Found

    I have the same issue. My USB came with my Pinsound+ Loaded it up. It had 5 files on it, original and 4 Mr T files.. It can only see The techo and Original mix (but the original mix call outs are cut off (when I play them stand alone). If I put Baby Driver stand alone on the USB, it doesnt find it and I get the "there are no sound files on the USB drive" Unzipped files - into the audio directory Transferring from Mac onto the supplied Sandisk, FAT32 format, havent changed that. Wondering if I am missing something obv.. Diagnostic shows Techno and original, but doesnt show baby driver, even though its on the stick.
  2. Studio Pro - Application too small

    hi all, just starting out with pinsound, downloaded studio pro on a windows machine. But the application is tiny on the screen, I guess due to the resolution of this laptop. Has anyone else had a similar issue at all? Any fix to make the application window bigger? thx in advance