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  1. Hi Community, I bought my first Pinsound board this week and put it into my Tommy. For a music based pinball it's really great. Now, I have two issues that I couldn't resolve yet and I would like to ask for your help. First is changing the sound package. I installed 3 packages (didn't work at first, but now they have all 3 been recognized) but I can't swap between them. I do turn the volume potentiometer to 0 (well almost 0, you can still hear muffled sounds) but it won't change the package. Any ideas ? A previous owner changed the potentiometer (it is now on the box on the right behind the cabinet door). Second, but less important, I can't make the boot wav file work. It has to go to the folder where the different sound packages are located or to the root of the usb drive ? Many thanks !