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  1. GNR OST By Julien42

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. GNR OST By Julien42

    Okay, Williestyle and I are friends and working on the same project here. I am however having some unique problems. I've placed a bunch of songs in the "Game Over" folder and the machine has no problem playing them, but it was cutting off after 60 seconds....which wasn't happening when I had the standard Julien mix on there. You included November Rain and Estranged and those always worked great. After the update and adding my songs, the music was cutting off after 60 seconds, so Williestyle mentioned the config file that allows "sleep" timing. I set to 999 so that any song would finish, and now it simply repeats whatever song the board chooses over and over until the 999 runs out. I've checked it with lower sleep settings as well, just repeats until the timer runs out. Do you know what's happening here? Any fixes that I'm just missing?