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  1. Doctor Who

    I'm in the process of uploading my Dr Who remix. London Symphony Orchestra playing the origianl TV theme, and a techno mix during ball lock and multiball. I've kept the original end of ball themes as these are hard to duplicate, but the game music sounds great. Had to zip the files, but I'll have to see if they ended up in the right folders. I've sorted how to use the pinsound card and USB, now have sort out this sharing thing!
  2. Lord of the Rings

    I've just fitted my Pinsound+ to my LOTR and using the uploaded file from here. Works well - until I tried to upgrade the speakers to 8 Ohm kevlar ones. Really quiet now, anyone else had this? Does the board support stereo on the Whitestars?
  3. roadshowJC

    roadshowJC View File roadshowJC Submitter gerald Submitted 06/20/2017 Category Road Show  
  4. roadshowJC

    Version 1.0.0


  5. It's all good. DId the combo of volume pot to full, checked ribbon cable red to number 1 side (its the opposite on the DE pins on the pinsound board by the way - 1 is on the left, and on the right for the others). Great work, sounds fantastic.
  6. Rats, this treat stopped! I have a friends SWDE at the moment and just installed with exactly the same result. I have the boards in TZ, IJ, DW with no problems. Checked the USB - All files have been converted correctly by the board to wav - using juliens remix. Ribbon cable is red1 to red1. Did will get a resolution?
  7. Jurassic Park??

    Even better - Endprodukt of legendary IJ and others is working on JP now. This will be worth downloading!
  8. Jurassic Park??

    looks like a job for this week - Watch this space
  9. Doctor Who

    Did that nice "tardis" upload suddenly disappear? I managed to download it, and it sounds great, but can't see it now.
  10. Indiana Jones Reorchestration

    pm the original poster
  11. My work with the Dr Who legacy sound mix

    I've uploaded my mix again with the London Orchestra doing the theme and other music. Had to put .ogg files back in.
  12. DrWhoJCmix.zip



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  13. Doctor Who

    Just uploaded another version. Had the music files as .wav, and now converted them to .ogg so hopefully that'll sort it out.
  14. Make sure you download onto the disc, and DON"T let your computer unzip anything. Load the .zip file directly on the USB, put into the board, and let it do the unzipping in your game. Gets confused if there are some .wav files there.
  15. Doctor Who

    Sorry, I'll try another upload. Anyone else got it working?
  16. Doctor Who

    uploaded a demo game play of my machine with this mix
  17. Indiana Jones Reorchestration

    Try a personal message. There are license issues apparently
  18. My work with the Dr Who legacy sound mix

    Did anyone try my download yet? when I tried it it looks like the music component isn't there.
  19. My work with the Dr Who legacy sound mix

    Cool I'll give it a try. I've just uploaded my version too - should appear here soon.
  20. Creature From the Black Lagoon

    Its relatively painless and quite fun. Plenty of us here to help if you need it. Just downoad the legacy file from the pinsound.org section for Creature, then sub out the songs you like in your audio/music folder. I find it easier to unzip and convert to .wav files, but let us know if you need help. Great game for new music!
  21. Indiana Jones Reorchestration

    Thanks for all the work. I've just picked up my IJ and ordered the board. Using them in my Tommy, Dr Who, TZ, so don't want Indy to get jealous. is 0.97 up now?
  22. Pinsound studio wont open on mac

    Looking forward to the upgrade version!
  23. Trying to create a new audio file

    Any luck fixing this? It all depends on your folder organisation on the USB. Make sure your music is under the music subfolder in the audio folder, and the name is correct re numbering to be recognised. Can you post a screenshot of your tree?
  24. Roadshow

    Just did an upload of my Roadshow alternate song mix. I have ogg and wav files in each folder, just to cause confusion. Let me know if I need to change anything.
  25. Roadshow

    Thanks urbanledge. I agree, the music is a bit loud for the voices, but I'm not certain how to adjust them. Did you get to "gold"? Happy for help with any modifications.