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  1. STTNG-L7-LX7-V1.1-Yoak.zip View File STTNG-L7-LX7-V1.1-Yoak.zip Submitter Yoak Submitted 04/14/2015 Category Star Trek TNG  
  2. Version 1.1


  3. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    Uploading V 1.1 Corrected Audio Levels (See below) sound is much louder and closer to the original volume levels without losing audio quality. (Tested various levels) Audio Modified output volumes for entire release, Music/Jingle will be slightly quiter then call outs/sfx so that they can be heard as opposed to everything being the same level Modified with PinSoundStudio a few levels on SFX etc, additional tweaks coming on 1.2 Folder Structure Renamed/Cleanup of the Entire Voice Folder - all folder and files were renamed and standardized (ton of time on this because of my OCD) Many SFX files I was unable to place in the game...these files have generic names (IE SFX)
  4. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    LOL, I am running some aftermarket speakers on mine as well...so that may have something to do with it. I am sure with some tweaking of the setting on the board it could be just fine..that was the only thing that came out distorted during testing. Yeah I think you are on to something, I really like it. I am starting the process of getting additional clips this weekend. Will keep you posted on that part...can't wait to see what all people come up with.
  5. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    I like your release Budroosker - it is way louder then my Un-nomralized build. I like some of the new touches that you added, especially the ball launch sequence. The one issue I came across was that the explosions sounds from the pops at the top were a bit to loud on my system and thus came out as distorted. However, what I have seen so far I like. On a L/LX7 note, I will be uploading my Beta shortly as it looking good for some testing now. This is meant to be an approximate/framework of the original rom with new sounds added in the future. There are some areas that need some tweaking but it is not to bad. I had to re-encode the music files as they were not encoded to the proper HZ and thus have not been shortened in this build. I may also need to boost the levels a titch as it was a bit quite on my setup. Overall I am really happy with having the issues mostly sorted out. Most of my issues were from the files being encoded at 48000HZ, one I brought them down to 44100 everything is much better...stupid mistake to make on my part.
  6. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    I used Pinhead's Folder structure to base mine off of as well, which was a huge help and resolved some of the odd issues I was having with playback....so a major credit to Pinhead and thanks as well is due. I was able to just reduce my file size footprint by nearly 50% by removing some white space that was introduced by Bridge/M1. In Wav format I am sitting at 608MB uncompressed....which has fixed some sync issues with Voice sync and resolved the vast majority of the lag issues I was trying to resolve. I have room for more savings once I get back to fixing some of the loops on the music playback, but have not had a chance to do them all. If you want to grab any of my files feel free to do so, I can drop it on a share location until it gets approved here. If this plays well then I can start adding additional clips etc to the rom. I would love to add some of the four lights quotes/borg quotes in as well. I plan on going through all the episodes again over the summer...should be a ton of fun. Doing one final test on mine and then I will swap over to yours.
  7. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    I am downloading yours now. If you use the fre:ac tool you can get that well under 100mb if you use ogg. The only down side is that whoever downloads it will have to convert it back to wav or let the machine do it. My tracks I had to cut back to around 2:00 minutes...with some being short as I was able to get them to loop correctly. I am also making progress on some of the lag issues, hopefully the new revision I just modified will work as expected.
  8. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    Looking forward to seeing it. If the folks from pinsound are managing it I know they were at Texas pinball fest...so that might be a part of it. I have noticed the most lag on mine when Borg MB is going and you start to hit jackpots. I downsized most of my sounds etc and it is imporving, but there is still quite a bit. How big is your project in wav form?
  9. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    Will do, Curious if your build experianced any lag issues? I am making a ton of progress on this one..but that seems to be my biggest issue of the moment.
  10. STTNG-L7/LX7 Project

    For anyone that is interested, I am currently working on a project that will support both L7 and LX7 (cast) for STTNG. The roms are identical on terms of sound requests with the LX7 having additional requests for the staff requests. Besides having some "funny quotes" (which can be disabled) there are some additional end of game message that Picard will say depending on how far you get into the game (Final Frontier/Q/Borg). I have run the cast roms for years now for these few additional quotes as it adds something to the game. I decided that I wanted to start with this project as I am rather picky about audio quality and found some issues in the current legacy package and wanted to add the additional cast requests back in. The end goal, will be to build on this project as a frame work utilizing the cast rom, for it's extra requests (specifically end of ball options) which will give even more even more flexibility for future projects. I have just finished the process of doing a completely new rip of the original roms and added the missing sounds that were missing in the original folder structure template, Bridge/M1, as well as the cast round requests. I have made minor corrections to some of the sounds (blips/dead space) that probably would have been hard to notice, but drove me crazy. I have also left the files in an uncompressed state, which makes the current project file around 2GB. It should be noted however, that there are areas where significant space can be reclaimed, but I have not had the time to get that far into the project. Music for example is currently sitting at around 5:00 minutes a song and is causing some lag issues (expected) as the files are not trimmed correctly. This is an area I could use some help as I have not had a chance to try and look in pinmame to see when sound requests are being used for the Main theme as an example as it has multiple copies of it in the request structure. If anyone wants to get involved, please let me know. My initial tests have been positive