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  1. LOTR Hawknole Pure

    Well, it is my mix, so of course I like it. The modes are matched with songs from the movie, so as accurate as possible, IMO
  2. LOTR Hawknole Pure

    Version 1.0.0


    Based on some feedback, I have revised my original LOTR hawknole mix and taken out all non-LOTR music. I sourced some new LOTR music and made some minor tweaks to some of the existing sound files. Download and enjoy!
  3. LOTR_hawknole

    Version 1.0.0


    I worked many hours on this mix. I did visit all the sound files in all the folders during my research. I changed about 30% of the files in some form or another while still trying to keep true to the theme and the movies. A shout out to both the LOTR_OST mix and The Wool mix as I used some material from each. I also added some new music and sounds. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Whitestar stereo2.1 wiring

    Should no longer be needed because that is essentially the mono wiring and uses the old wiring that goes to the three speakers.