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  1. Funky Deep TZ mix

    Thank you very very much! Fingers crossed the moderators will enable the file as a download as soon as possible, so i can start enjoying this work of art!
  2. My custom STTNG soundpack (work in progress)

    This is a really amazing sound package you have created! I have borrowed a pinsound card to test in my STTNG and this is by far my favorite mix. I did however change the Q Mariachi band song as i didn't like that one And also i created a new silence.wav file and included it as the one in your mix gave a continuous looping "click" sound after the game over music faded. But thank you so much for you effort here. Are you planning mixes/packages for other machines?
  3. STTNG Game Over Music Won't Stop Looping

    Update: I fixed my "clicking" / clipping problem by generating another silence.wav file and replacing it in the zip file. Now everything runs smoothly. So i guess there is some meta data or something in the original silence.wav from Pinballshark that causes the Pinsound board problems. If anybody is interested this is the file i am now using (located in music/0294842247-silence folder) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj86qn7AQhCgiUD2KMgLisJJ6pwV
  4. STTNG Game Over Music Won't Stop Looping

    Hi Pinballshark When i download and use your mix, i still have the looping game over music, although it is now two loud clicks before the music, and after the fade it is a continuous looping clicking sound. When i look at the file structure in the zip file, i see a folder and file called STTNG_Ultimate/music/0294842247-silence/silence.wav But in your recent post about how to fix it you are talking about creating a folder called 000220-silence? But even if i add a folder called 000220-silence containing your silence.wav file to the zip file and have pinsound load it up, it still plays the clicking sound. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? And what should the actual folder containing the silence file be named? EDIT: I actually tried replacing the STTNG_Ultimate/music/0294842247-silence/silence.wav file with one of the coin door button sounds, and then that one plays instead indicating that the path is correct then. So for some reason it seems to be the Pinsound+ board doing the clicking noise when playing an empty wav file?