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  1. Can someone please tell me how to create a folder with the right number on it, to correspond with the missing filenumber that wants to trigger the sound. The missing filenumber does not look like any of the other foldernames. I can not seem to figure this out on my own...
  2. DE Back to the future

    My dream is to have a Back To The Future pinball machine, and to remake the sounddesign on it!
  3. STTNG Game Over Music Won't Stop Looping

    That did not work, but I just moved the folder in sfx called "sparkling" to the singles folder, where I have different bonus and end of ball sounds, and that did it :-) It now plays a nice little scary sound at the end of the game over music timer, and the music dont come back.
  4. STTNG Game Over Music Won't Stop Looping

    Great work! Will Try this with my BSD.
  5. Bram Stokers Dracula

    Paypal? No, this is free :-)
  6. Bram Stokers Dracula

    You`ve got a message :-)
  7. Bram Stokers Dracula

    Hi! The pinsound config files are volume settings for the files in that folder. When you adjust gain/volume in the pinsound studio program, it makes these files to tell the pinsound board what level to play the sound. The short soundfile could be a short knock sound effect i put in instead of the original "attension/creditt available" sound effect. Just a suggestion.. Just curious, what levels do you find out of place? I know the one where Dracula tells you "that was not very successfull" is too loud and not such great quality..☺️ Although, the great thing about pinsound is that everyone can adjust to taste πŸ‘πŸ”Š I have a new version with level adjustments and eq adjustments especially for the Jonathan/castle lock sounds, and other new samples. I found the original Dracula laughter in a advertisement video for the game on YouTube, that was Nice! But I have not uploaded yet. If you want it, I can send you a link ☺️
  8. Bram Stokers Dracula

    I'm glad you like it! πŸ˜€
  9. Firmware version?

    The recent answer to this is: Just update and get the latest/best/uptodate firmware. I agree πŸ™‚
  10. Music is looping constantly :(

    Great news, I guess the game just needed that litle trick to get rid of the hick-ups! Those analogue volume potensiometers can be a bit unstable in their output/contact. Some electronic cleaning spray would help keep it stable. It is pretty prone to dust and tear.. And the carbon track gets worn out. But I am still a bit uneased when reading your soundpack install takes two hours??
  11. Music is looping constantly :(

    I think you will get the pinsound board fixed on warranty if it needs to be fixed.
  12. Music is looping constantly :(

    If you convert/extract the zip files to .wav it will just take a few seconds to start up the machine. And maybe that also will solve your issues?
  13. no sound

    Did you fix it? :-)
  14. Music is looping constantly :(

    Did you update the firmware using only the firmware update in the usb drive? It needs to be the only file on the usb drive when updating. Although it would seem like you have a hardware error, I would try firmware update one more time if it was not done the correct way.
  15. Dracula custom

    Dracula custom View File It is highly recomended to wire your speakers in stereo! 1. Added a lot of new samples, both voices and general sounds. 2. Edited jingles to work more seamless with the game 3. Cleaned up some voice samples, and added a bit fx to some of them. 4. Renfield now has a greater vocabulary 5. Added more suspence and Jonathan voice to castle lock ready fx 6. Added original dracula laughter (although not that long one, too much noise ) for coffin multiball and other places. 7. Added Van Helsing quotes to shoot again for more storyline feel 8. Added Renfield Slam tilt warning voice 9. Rats cave now have multiple jingles 10. Outlanes now have multiple fx 11. Extra Ball now has new sound fx 12. New Van Helsing voice on Castle Multiball lock 13. Slingshots now panned slighty left right 14. Bonus X sound now has " Do not see me" every other time. 15. Mystery now has multiple fx 16. Lots of other stuff I cant remember... Submitter Hazzard Submitted 12/04/2017 Category Dracula