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  1. Jurassic Park??

    Pinsound 0.9 doesn't work with multiple packs, we don't use it at all (i mean PincabPassion members ) ! If we need to modify all adresses in each pinsound packs, that's a bad update ! I will rename the JP pack. Thx for your return
  2. Jurassic Park??

    @Carny_Priest It doesn't work at all in my case with pinsound 0.8. (visual pinball) The adresses are completely differents... so pinsound doesn't find any sound and put "sound missing" at every call.
  3. GNR OST By Julien42

    Thx @julien42 I played on Virtual Pinball with your soundtrack, it's a must have !
  4. Jurassic Park??

    Thx to @Endprodukt for this sound pack... Is that nomal, I don't have any voice ?