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  4. Use the older Firefox 56.0.1 version with the "down them all' extension, then you can download files above 512 MB.



  5. LOTR_Sjoend.zip

    Very nice remix, thanks for sharing!
  6. I haven't done any mixing but love some of the sound packages. I was looking through some of the MB ones and I can't see a specific file for Monsters of Rock? Is it possible to put a song just for that? Thinking either - Queen - We Will Rock You. Or Judas Priest - Monsters of Rock! Not expecting quick answer as seems pretty quiet on these boards. Thanks
  7. Missing config-pinsound file

    same problem
  8. LOTR_Sjoend.zip

    Bonjour, Impossible de télécharger des mixs de plus de 512 Mo ! Bien sûr, on me demande de noter. J'ai mis 1 étoile parce que je ne peux pas juger de la qualité du mix. Cela ne veut pas dire que le mix n'est pas bien !!! Dès que je pourrai le télécharger et le tester, je relèverai évidemment la note. Merci donc de compresser le fichier.
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  10. LOTR_Sjoend.zip

    Version 1.0.0


    I first want to thank The Wool for creating his mix with all the great music & SFX clips which was the starting point for my mix. I own a Pinsound+ board and unfortunately The Wool mix is not perfect for the Pinsound+ board due to volume issues. I've adjusted all the volumes and made some changes to the music & SFX's, I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I do. One Mix to rule them all ;-)
  11. Hi Community, I bought my first Pinsound board this week and put it into my Tommy. For a music based pinball it's really great. Now, I have two issues that I couldn't resolve yet and I would like to ask for your help. First is changing the sound package. I installed 3 packages (didn't work at first, but now they have all 3 been recognized) but I can't swap between them. I do turn the volume potentiometer to 0 (well almost 0, you can still hear muffled sounds) but it won't change the package. Any ideas ? A previous owner changed the potentiometer (it is now on the box on the right behind the cabinet door). Second, but less important, I can't make the boot wav file work. It has to go to the folder where the different sound packages are located or to the root of the usb drive ? Many thanks !
  12. Judge Dredd Updated Stereo View File Improved sound track for Judge Dredd Submitter gerald Submitted 10/01/2019 Category Judge Dredd  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Improved sound track for Judge Dredd
  14. Indiana Jones MusicCallouts View File New mix: OST music combined with high quality callouts. Submitter gerald Submitted 10/01/2019 Category Indiana Jones  
  15. Indiana Jones MusicCallouts

    Version 1.0.0


    New mix: OST music combined with high quality callouts.
  16. The Who Greatest_Pinballjah View File Added some original Who songs to JULIEN42's Tommy orchestration. Songs included: - Who Are You, The Seeker, My Generation, Heaven and Hell, Won't Get Fooled Again, Magic Bus, Behind Blue Eyes, Baby O'Riley, Love Reign Over Me, You Better You Bet, Smash the Mirror, Were Not Going to Take It. Comments welcome, Pinballjah on Pinside. Enjoy! Submitter pinballjah Submitted 09/28/2019 Category The Who  
  17. Successfully downloaded the file and have all green on the pinsound board. Appear to have 2 issues first I have a large variance in sound level between songs some are quiet and others much louder. Second when ever new feature or mode is activated I lose all sound for a second or two - ie when magnets engage the music stops or the crane is activated. I had no issues with any loss of sound before I swapped out the original data east sound board for the pinsound board.

    thank you


  18. In case anyone else is looking, I believe this is an upcoming feature being worked on by the PinSound team.
  19. The Who Greatest_Pinballjah

    Version 1.0.0


    Added some original Who songs to JULIEN42's Tommy orchestration. Songs included: - Who Are You, The Seeker, My Generation, Heaven and Hell, Won't Get Fooled Again, Magic Bus, Behind Blue Eyes, Baby O'Riley, Love Reign Over Me, You Better You Bet, Smash the Mirror, Were Not Going to Take It. Comments welcome, Pinballjah on Pinside. Enjoy!
  20. Missing config-pinsound file

    Same Problem here
  21. I'm looking for a brilliant solution to the problem of easily identifying sound packages on the same USB when switching by lowering volume to zero. As there is no visual or good audio indicator, and I can never remember where I am in the sequence to count, and I am thinking it needs to be an audio cue. [You can open up the back of the machine, take out the USB stick, read the pinsound-self-diagnosis.txt file and it WILL tell you which Sound Package is currently the "(active)" one, so all hope is not lost, BUT that's a royal pain in the but to do but once in a while. And damned if I am going to keep a "score" card (pun intended) that I tick off each time I change package. I generally load up a bunch of packages, then settle on one I like, then someone comes along that I want to demonstrate to (or there is an alternate that is fun temporarily) and then I am thereafter hopelessly lost as to how to get back to my first choice. What is the sound file that is first played for a volume check after you lower the volume to zero? Is it a file that is used later in the actual game itself? If not, I was thinking about possibly re-recording it with an added voice -over (like "STTNG OST by Pinhead" or even an identifiable tone) or something quick but easy to identify. FEATURE REQUEST: You know, if it was even built in to the firmware to add a voice number "package one..." or chime of "pong" sounds after each lowering of the volume level to zero (corresponding to the count of the number of the package that was now loaded) that would be a potentially simple, but ultimately a no fuss way to get around this issue. (Worse case scenario, adding one "pong" sound that chimes when you get back to the first package in the list so at least you have an audio index marker.) Any ideas on whether something like this might work, or any other work arounds?
  22. DE Jurassic Park New Install Not working

    No master volume pot on board - yes, use original machine controls for volume. However the board does have a "Loudness" switch, which works just like the button we used to have on our car stereos back in the '80's - it "kicks up" the volume a bit. Try turning that off for a "softer" sounding machine.
  23. Only original USB Drive Works for Addams Family

    +1 to Firmware. I bought a used Pinsound 1 that seemed to not work in my T2. After pulling out my last hair, I realized I had NOT upgraded the firmware. Once I did, it was smooth sailing.
  24. D.E. Star Wars, sometimes no sound

    Try updating your firmware. I had an OST that would not play at all, even though it gave no error messages. I updated the firmware and voila - it started working like a champ!
  25. STTNG Ultimate damaged file online?

    first attempt fail for me too Second worked ??
  26. Missing config-pinsound file

    I have used the original Pinsound board, just looking at getting some more boards so downloaded the latest software but my original mixes will not load into the Pinsound Studio Pro as I am getting 'Incorrect sound package no config-pinsound file found'. Where do I get this file and what does it do, I can not find any help on this.
  27. Pinsound Studio 19.07.2

    The new PinSound Studio Pro has been fully rewritten, I focused on making sure it was easy to use and allow anyone to customize the different sound package settings (channel volume, individual gain, motion control shaker / relay settings, ...). I'll continue to work on new features in the future, thanks for your support (and patience)
  28. Pinsound Studio 19.07.2

    Could be still waiting approval... but grabbing everything you can now seems like a decent plan in the meantime
  29. Pinsound Studio 19.07.2

    Yeah, i was hoping it was waiting approval or something - but still not there. Guess i'll get downloading a load of packages to be safe..
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