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  2. Pinsound+ Addams Family

    HI, I got the board and I wil try to get ti working this week and I have some questions 1 - The files on the USB have to be at root? or ( as i read somewhere) the sub folders like voice, music, etc must be inside a folder named audio? 2 - config.pinsound file should be at USB root or inside the audio folder (if that audio folder is necessary) 3- on this tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsOUNBO8ACA you can see that afer pinsound is installed and powered it on, a process begins (minute 10:53) you can hear the message " performing audio conversion please wait" later at 12:03 you can hear " 90% completed" and finally this conversion seems to be finished and the sound sarts to play So, what this conversion is? is it the process where the files from USB are copying to Pinsound board's memory? I will really appreciate your answer. Thaanks, Flavio (from Uruguay)
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  4. unsupported sound system BSMT

    I'm also struggling with this one. All Data East Tables, ie: Guns n Roses. Edit: Seems there are issues with BSMT tables in v0.9: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=33261&page=3 Could anyone confirm at pinsound please, or whether there are any workarounds?
  5. Pinsound+ Addams Family

    The USB drive needs to be in place, yes. You can select some audio clips to be preloaded via the pinstudio software, for samples that require fast delivery with low latency, like popbumpers and slingshots.
  6. Pinsound+ Addams Family

    Just received the pinsound +; great sounds. I unzipped all audio files onto the usb drive; it installed it but i get only sound when the USB remain at the usb drive. If i unplug the usb stick i dont get any sounds Is this required the usb drive remains into the drive? As per me it should install on the device memory and you can remove the usb stick again
  7. Hi there, I am using the RockVocals mix from Mr Tantrum, love the real ZZTop music. Unfortunately I get random increase of volume of the music during some triggered events, like really loud increases. I haven't noticed much consistency yet, but it seems to happen during at stoplight changes and sometimes with the video mode. I'm using the Pinsoiund v14 and have the latest firmware loaded. Any ideas on what could be causing it or how to fix it?
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  9. VPinMAME.dll information about visual flipper

    risolto!!!! grazie mille !!!!! era dall'inizio che mettevo solo la .dll v.0.2 vostra e infatti non potevo mettere soundmode2 li, ma se lascio la .dll di vpinmame originale ora funziona!!!
  10. VPinMAME.dll information about visual flipper

    Just use the official vpinmame.dll and check off cab support in default settings. It supports PinSound Studio software with SoundMode value set to 2 in the rom settings. Good luck. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11571
  11. hi, use visual pinball on a pc with a rotated vertical monitor and a second monitor for the score and dmd. The program requires you to put VPinMAME.dll instead of the original to be able to talk with the visual pinball tables, but I noticed that the version of VPinMAME.dll does not have the possibility to put the cab mode, and the dmd no longer remains in the second screen but resets and always returns in the first. So I ask how to solve it. thank you I attach two photos to show the differences in setup: 1 with your .dll v 0.2 2 original .dll of vpmame (cabinet mode enabled) help me to understand .... do you have to create a new version .dll for cabinets? thanks who helps me
  12. The Addams Family

    Salut à tous, Pour retrouver toutes les musiques des deux films un lien pratique : http://mp3co.biz/song/13499587/Marc_Shaiman_Carol_Of_The_Bells_The_Fa_La_La_Song_Deck_The_Halls_The_Addams_Family_OST/page/2/
  13. White_Water_Remade_Callouts View File White Water callouts remade in high quality! Submitter gerald Submitted 06/29/2018 Category White Water  
  14. White_Water_Remade_Callouts

    Version 1.0.0


    White Water callouts remade in high quality! Thanks to Kurt
  15. Last Action Hero v1.00 - Capn Mix View File This is the first version - maybe the only version? That depends on the feedback. This mix includes extra call outs from Arnold when the ball drains on the outlanes. Extra musical tracks that are not in the current community mix that is available via Julien. Submitter thecapn Submitted 06/19/2018 Category Last Action Hero  
  16. Doctor Who

    Good news! After uploading the recent Pinsound+ firmware version v183 (released in May 2018), the custom mixes now work on my Dr. Who. A big thanks to Nicolas and all mix masters!
  17. Boot.Wav issue

    Thanks. I was doing it manualy ... (!) It works, just need to know that behind 10 it's quieter and above it's loader. Anyway, i use the sudio now !!
  18. Boot.Wav issue

    Hi! You should use pinsound studio for those changes. Or you can use audacity and boost the .wav file itself. Or Try a 25 gain.txt 😉
  19. Boot.Wav issue

    Hello Hazzard, Does the gain.txt increase or decrease the volume ?! I tried to put the original voices of an Addams more louder, putting "13" in the gain.txt folder, without ny change ... :/
  20. Hello Tilt,

    First of all, nice work forthe Addams Family OST By SLAMT1LT V2 !

    Just a question, do you have a version with the original voices remastered ? Or, is there a way to remastered the original voices ?

    All is perfect in this remix except the voices for me ... who don't stick to the game very well.

    Thank you ! ;)

    I've made a remix of your version with some new musics (The dolby surround sound for Multiball, for exemple), i'll upload it soon.


  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is the first version - maybe the only version? That depends on the feedback. This mix includes extra call outs from Arnold when the ball drains on the outlanes. Extra musical tracks that are not in the current community mix that is available via Julien.
  22. Getaway_F&F

    Getaway_F&F View File My first The Getaway High Speed II pinball ochestration project based on the Fast & Furious 1 original sountrack. Submitter Celofane Submitted 05/16/2018 Category Getaway  
  23. Data East TFTC only boot sound.

    After firmware update all is good.
  24. Data East TFTC only boot sound.

    I just read at least 4 threads with the exact same problem as me, most of them have not received any support from PinSound staff. The once that did get a comment from PinSound staff only said to check the ribbon cable, shit support if you ask me. I'm not holding my breath to get any help, sad really, considering that I was one of the early backers for this product.
  25. Data East TFTC only boot sound.

    So I just installed my gen 1 board in my TFTC and I'm only getting the boot sound. I tried flashing the sound pack using both the pinsound studio app and just copying the .zip file to the root of a freshly fat32 formated usb stick. With the zip on the usb stick it installed as normal, announcing 10%, 20%..... and so on. If I turn the volume all the way down inside the cabbinet I get the little chime and it plays a snipped of the sound pack but that's it, no other sounds.
  26. What no props on the VO work?

  27. WH2O

    i also have a problem with wh2o on the new boards has anyone been able to fix this issue thanks
  28. Hello, with the new Pinsound Plus board is a shaker control impossible. I thought that was a great thing on the old Pinsound board and I've upgraded all of my old Pinsound boards with a shaker. In the future there will be own Pinsound shaker.
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